Omsk Regional Public Organization «Center for Health and Social Support «SIBALT» (before 2011 named as Center "Siberian Alternative") was founded in 1996. It was the year when the first case of HIV-infection was diagnosed by the Lab of Omsk AIDS Center. In September 1996 in Omsk five-member's initiative group established new regional community-based organization – Center "Siberian Alternative". It was officially registered November 28, 1996. And 3 days after – December 1, 1996 – in the greatest Omsk store center the members of the newborn organization conducted their first public action for support of World AIDS Day.
Since 2000 the "Siberian Alternative" has implemented HIV/STI prevention program among men who have sex with men. In 2001 the program of support for people living with HIV was launched. Since 2011 the organization has implemented the program of support for people with TB and other social diseases. 


In November 2011 the "Siberian Alternative" was renamed into SIBALT, Center for Health and Social Support.


Today SIBALT is the largest non-governmental organization in the Omsk region, working in the field of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections prevention. More than 5 thousand people participate in organization's activities annually. 

SIBALT, The Center for Health and Social Support, is one of the oldest currently working Russian nonprofit organizations established for support of International movement against HIV/AIDS. Since 1996, SIBALT has provided support and vitally important information for more than 70 thousand people.


The best specialists of the Omsk region are working with us: psychologists, teachers, social workers, sociologists, lawyers, medical professionals, doctors, drug experts and specialists in family planning and contraception. Of course our volunteers are the main our supporters. Everyday dozens of volunteers help us in the implementation of initiatives in the health and social areas. They are actively participating in the building of a healthy, humane and democratic Russia. 


Based on principles of creativity, autonomy, professionalism, human rights and human dignity, SIBALT mobilizes community-based efforts to respond to emerging challenges in public health: HIV, STI, Drug abuse, TB, and other social diseases. Knowledge, support and skills people (firstly discriminated and violated individuals and groups) obtain, due SIBALT, help them keep healthy for themselves and their loved ones.


We are all different - young and ambitious, funny and smart, determined and persistent. We set our goals and realize them - that's why we are together! Join us!
Office: ul. Frunze 40, office 203, Omsk, Russia, 644043
Phone/fax: +7 (3812) 20-45-88
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Program «Time to Act»

Расширение доступа населения к информации и услугам, способствующим предотвращению распространения ВИЧ-инфекции и...

Program «Status Plus»

Расширение доступа людей, живущих с ВИЧ-инфекцией к информации и услугам, способствующим сохранению...

Program «PULSAR Project»

Расширение доступа гомо- и бисексуалов, а также трансгендеров к информации и услугам,...

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